Jan 16

Understanding Your Caregiving Limits

More and more families are finding themselves caring for an aging loved one. In many situations we come across when a family has taken on the responsibility of becoming the primary care provider, life dramatically changes. Some have gradually eased into becoming the caregiver, others have not. Those who have jumped into caregiving blinded by love and compassion for our aging elders will find that caregiving touches every area of your life. No matter the cause, we understand the joy and the challenges that come from caring for a loved one.

Know your limits

Eldercare, by nature, grows more and more demanding as our elders decline. Through progression and advancement of conditions or age for that matter, the challenges continue to increase. It becomes important to understand your limits of what you can and cannot do. Understanding your limits will help prevent caregiver burnout and will also help your loved one maintain the high quality of life you have battled to maintain. Here are a few questions to consider asking yourself about your own caregiving limits.

  • Is it time when we have to leave our jobs or start working part-time and not knowing if we’ll survive financially?
  • Is it time when we find that we can’t participate in our children’s activities because we are too busy caring for our loved ones?
  • Is it time when our spouse feels neglected because we are always running off to help our elders and we don’t have time to be a spouse?

Finding balance in life can be a challenging task. Adding the responsibility of caregiving unexpectedly and more often than not, any sort of balance will be thrown off. Understanding your senior care options is the first place to start. There are many alternatives available today to assist seniors to stay home. Speak with a Care Manager from Care To Stay Home today to learn more about the many options available.